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Nestled amidst the towering skyscrapers and opulent resorts of Dubai, Dr. Haluk, a Turkish Urologist and Andrologist, faced a peculiar challenge. While his expertise in men’s health was undeniable, attracting patients proved tricky. Culturally ingrained notions of modesty and stigma surrounding men’s health issues in the region often kept men from seeking the help they needed. Apart from that there was a lack of awareness about the expertise of the doctors in the region.

Reaching his audience on a personal level, understanding their hesitations, and building trust were paramount. Dr. Haluk needed a marketing strategy as discreet as his patients’ concerns. Scroll down to see what we did!


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October 2022 – Present


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Free Mind Marketing experts specializing in healthcare, took on Dr. Haluk’s challenge. They understood the cultural nuances and knew that a bullhorn approach wouldn’t work. Instead, they crafted a multi-pronged strategy to reach men where they were, on their terms.

Discrete Digital Strategy

Free Mind targeted men on social media platforms frequented by professionals in Dubai. They ran informative ad campaigns using humor and relatable scenarios to address common men’s health concerns without being explicit. This tactful approach sparked curiosity and encouraged discreet online inquiries.

Community Engagement

Partnering with men’s sports clubs and gyms, Free Mind Marketing help in strategizing webinars for discreet health awareness. Dr. Haluk, in a casual setting, addressed common concerns and debunked myths, fostering trust and encouraging open communication.

The Power of Peers

Free Mind Marketing identified influential male bloggers and social media personalities in Dubai. By collaborating with them on informative content and lighthearted discussions about men’s health, they tapped into existing networks of trust and reached a wider audience organically.

Furthermore, the Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Paid campaigns proved to be a resounding success. Dr. Haluk saw a significant increase in patient inquiries, particularly from younger men who appreciated the agency’s sensitive and relatable approach.

Remember: When it comes to healthcare marketing, especially in sensitive areas like men’s health, Free Mind can often be more powerful.

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