Scenario At Hand

Dr. Usman, a skilled laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai, had a problem. Though hailed for his precision and bedside manner, his patient load wasn’t soaring like the Burj Khalifa. He had no website or digital presence. 

Dubai’s healthcare landscape is a crowded Everest, with glitzy clinics and celebrity doctors hogging the digital spotlight. Dr. Usman needed a unique ice axe to conquer this peak.

For this purpose, he first wanted to have a different brand name with the logo so that his website could be developed and later get SEO services to highlight himself through organic marketing activities. Scroll down to see what Free Mind brought into place!


Mk Clinique – Dr. Usman Khan


November, 2022


Branding & Website Development

Content & Website Oasis

We created Dr. Usman’s website into a lush oasis of informative content. Short, engaging videos showcased his minimally invasive techniques, dispelled myths, and humanized him through patient testimonials. Interactive infographics replaced dusty medical jargon. We crafted a digital narrative that showcased Dr. Usman’s expertise and passion. SEO-optimized blog posts targeted specific laparoscopic concerns, positioning him as a thought leader. His website became a hub for knowledge, not just appointments.

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