Scenario At Hand

Nestled amidst Dubai’s glittering facade lies a hidden oasis – a multi-specialty medical center brimming with expertise, from cardiology to pediatrics. Yet, despite its exceptional care, patient acquisition remained a mirage. The center, known as “Symbiosis Medical,” struggled to compete in a landscape saturated with flashy marketing and sky-high advertising costs.

  • Symbiosis lacked brand recognition, overshadowed by larger, heavily marketed hospitals.
  • Patients couldn’t grasp the center’s diverse range of specialties, perceiving it as just another singular practice.
  • In a culture saturated with medical misinformation, building patient trust and loyalty proved crucial yet elusive.


Symbiosis Medical Center


May 2022 – Present


Branding, Strategy & Consultancy, Google Ads, Social Media, Website Revamp

A nimble marketing agency, such as Free Mind specializing in unearthing hidden gems like Symbiosis Medical Centre, took on the challenge.

The Strategy

We crafted a hyper-local strategy, engaging residents through community events, partnerships with local businesses, and targeted social media campaigns. Al Shifa became the trusted neighbor, not just another billboard.

Oasis Blooms With Paid Ads

Gone were generic ads. We created personalized content showcasing Al Shifa’s diverse doctors as friendly, approachable experts. Each specialty blossomed in vibrant storytelling, attracting patients seeking specific care. And highlighted those with a strategic ad plan on social media and Google Ads which helped in lead generation and patient queries. 

Transparency as Sunlight

Building trust meant building credibility. We implemented patient testimonials, live Q&A sessions with doctors, and open access to treatment plans. Our vision for Symbiosis medical centre is to become a beacon of medical clarity in a hazy landscape of Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

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