Scenario At Hand

Urgentway Medical Center , a leading urgent care provider in New York City, needed to revamp its outdated website to address a crucial issue: low online booking rates. Their existing website lacked user-friendliness on mobile devices and failed to effectively convert website visitors into booked appointments.

Furthermore, their SEO activity was not leading much organic traffic and having four urgent care centers, they were also not able to generate enough brand awareness and leads via paid ads.


UrgentWay Medical Center


October 2019 – July 2020


Branding, Social Media, SEO, Website Revamp & Google Paid Ads

The Transformation: Weaving a Digital Lifeline

Our team knew it was time for a website overhaul. We envisioned a platform that was as efficient as Urgentway NYC’s services. Here’s how we brought our vision to life:

  • Mobile-First Mentality: We prioritized a mobile-responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. No more pinching and zooming for Sarah!
  • The “Book Now” Beacon: We made booking appointments a breeze with a prominent “Book Now” button displayed prominently on the homepage and service pages.
  • A Visual Oasis: High-quality photos showcased the modern and welcoming environment at Urgentway NYC

Social Media Savior

Engaging content on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms showcased the friendly faces of Urgentway NYC’s staff and the welcoming atmosphere of their clinics.

Google Paid Ads Guru

Targeted ads ensured that people searching for “urgent care near me” saw UrgentWay NYC at the top of the search results – a digital knight in shining armor.

The results? A happily ever after! Online bookings soared, website engagement skyrocketed, and patients praised the ease and convenience of Urgentway Urgentcare services. The moral of the story? In the competitive world of urgent care, a user-friendly and well-marketed website is the key to attracting and converting patients.


Looking for your own digital marketing happily ever after? Partner with us and let’s transform your urgent care center into the hero of your patients’ story!

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