Scenario At Hand

With 26+ years of experience and amongst the only 11 pediatric cardiologists in the entire UAE, Dr. Haitham was still unknown to many. With the dilemma of lack of awareness about pediatric cardiology & pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Haitham approached Free Mind. There was the existence of the doctor but the absence of everything that would market him in UAE. 

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Dr. Haitham Talo


November, 2022 – August 2023


Branding, Social Media, Website Design, SEM

Combating Myths with Facts

Engaging infographics and explainer videos debunked common misconceptions about heart defects, empowering parents with knowledge and confidence.

Website Development

Free Mind Marketing created a website for Dr. Haitham which was optimized for mobile searches and parent-friendly navigation.

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Free Mind Marketing strategically placed ads and educational content on platforms popular with millennial parents, sparking conversations and driving traffic to the website.


Free Mind’s campaigns resonated. Parents saw themselves reflected in the stories, and Dr. Haitham’s website became a trusted source of information. This led to wave of awareness and a surge in appointments. However, the marketing efforts could not be sustained for a long time for Dr. Haitham due to marketing budget constraints for him.

However, our marketing efforts became a bridge, connecting tiny hearts with the care they needed to beat strong. In Dubai, where whispers can become roars, they helped ensure that no child’s silent beat went unheard.

Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

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Dr. Haitham Talo – Pediatric Cardiologist