Scenario At Hand

Tekalley USA, is a sister company of one of the biggest IT solutions in Pakistan Devsurge. With its expansion with multiple client bases, Devsurge launched Tekalley IT Solutions for the USA market. With the dilemma of average branding and a mediocre website, Tekalley approached Free Mind for creative strategy and social media posts. We have also been regularly publishing blog posts and content on their website.

At Free Mind, we came up with a brilliant social media content development strategy that has been executed. However, due to lack of budget by the client, we are still stuck with social media marketing and awareness on different channels. 


TekAlley USA


August 2022 – February 2023


Social Media, Content Development & Creative Strategy

Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

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Let’s Work On Your Brand Next!

All Projects

TekAlley, USA